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About Us

Unlike anywhere else on earth, The Cliffs Kangaroo Island is one of the world’s great golf pilgrimages. 

Set atop 500 million year old cliffs overlooking the Southern Ocean, the unequivocal Australian setting makes it a ‘bucket-list’ destination links course, combining world-class golf with a unique island experience. 

With an architecturally bold, environmentally conscious clubhouse resting harmoniously amongst native grasses and vegetation, The Cliffs fairways weave effortlessly between rolling sand dunes and the edge of the world.

Attack the precision approaches and read the manicured greens, but don’t be surprised if you get a sense you’re being watched … our locals have been known to stare from the rough. 

Whether it's kangaroos or wallabies, echidnas or koalas - when you’re playing at The Cliffs Kangaroo Island, meeting the locals is an inevitable, wondrous experience. And when your round is over, retreat to the clubhouse, kick off your shoes and embrace the feeling of a cold drink in your hand and the sun setting on your back.

Your unforgettable day is about to transform into an unbelievable night, where indulging in the finest local culinary offerings is a must and star gazing is unmissable … After all, you’re on island time. 

Coveted by pro-golfers and golfing enthusiasts across the globe, The Cliffs Kangaroo Island offers a world-class links golf experience like no other.
Are you ready to conquer The Cliffs?

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